Designed for play, style, and (real) life.

HOUSTON FAMILY & CHILDREN'S INTERIOR DESIGN STUDIO come home to a space that lights you up inside, aligning your surroundings with your passions, values, and lifestyle.

YOU WANT... find an experienced interior design partner who gets your vision, and who you can trust to craft your space with intention.

YOU WANT... give your family the very best life, housed within a safe and supportive environment that reflects your style.


Let's create a space where your family can truly live.

Katie has worked on several different projects for me, from redecorating bedrooms to planning the layout of a new kitchen, to decorating an entire house from the ground up. Having Katie work on both of my homes has been much more than just decorating; she has created a space that is literally life-changing for my family. Katie's vision for what my future can hold is priceless."

"Katie's attention to detail, her impeccable skill at choosing unique combinations, and her ability to tailor design solutions specific to each and every client is second to none.


She presented idea boards that were better than I could have envisioned. I entrusted her with every decision including contractors, floor plan, lighting, countertops, fabrics, paint, furniture, etc. Katie approached this project with respect to our budget and how we utilize each space, and she fully understood our priorities. My house is stunning because of Katie!"

"Katie did an incredible job handling the renovation of our master bathroom, the redesign of our living room, and the creation of my daughter’s upstairs bathroom from scratch.


"Katie has two boys and totally gets that people want a beautiful home that can withstand wear and tear of kids and won’t break the bank. She also understands it can’t get done all at once."

—Meredith P.

I have used her on multiple projects in my home and she did an amazing job on everything. She communicates well, is very organized and does a great job of understanding and executing different styles and visions. She is very efficient and respectful of your time."

"Katie is so talented and very easy to work with. She works well within all budgets and is extremely resourceful and creative.


Need design assistance but would rather handle ordering and installation on your own? Let's partner together with a Design Plan.

Design Plan


We take care of everything—designing, purchasing, installing, and styling—in our signature, white glove experience. 

Full Service Design



As a (boy) mom myself, and with a degree in Child Development, I understand that with kids, real life happens, and it often happens at home! Just like me, you want to encourage your children let their imagination run wild, explore new worlds through play, make mistakes without worry, and grow into the people they were meant to be.

My studio's expertise in performance fabrics, space planning, and signature layering of color and texture allows us to create spaces that feel as joyful and inviting as they look—whether that's for a cocktail hour or family pizza night.

A relaxed approach to playfully elevated spaces.


Give your family the gift of a space that feels like home.